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10 Most Heroic Moments From The Transformers Movies

ByJohn Y. White

May 24, 2022

Regardless of their infamous reputation, the live-action Transformers the films have a large number of fans. Fans love movies for several reasons, namely the heroic moments. The Transformers The franchise has always rewarded heroism and celebrated the good deeds of the Autobots. The movies are no exception and are filled with countless moments where selfless deeds and sacrifices elicit cheers from the crowd. Here are just ten moments that prove how important heroes are in the Transformers universe.

10. Sam kills Megatron – Transformers

Meagtron dying in the first of the Transformers movies

The first of live-action Transformers films introduces the AllSpark Cube to the public. The Decepticons seek the Cube to turn Earth’s machines into a Decepticon army. The Autobots seek to destroy it before Megatron and his army can get their hands on it. Optimus tells Sam that if he can’t take Megatron out to put the cube in his chest. This will destroy the cube, risking Optimus’ life. The two leaders engage in a fierce battle, with Sam in the middle. Optimus realizes that drastic measures need to be taken and orders Sam to put the cube in his chest. At the last moment, Sam decides to risk his own life and places the cube in Megatron’s chest instead. This heroic act not only destroys the cube, but also eliminates Megatron in the process.

9. Jetfire Sacrifices Herself – Revenge Of The Fallen

Jetfire has one of the most heroic moments

The Witwicky family mantra is “No sacrifice, no victory”. This sentence is what drives Sam to help the Autobots at all costs, and this feeling is shared with them. Jetfire is one of the oldest Transformers on the planet, having been in disguise for decades. Jetfire came to Earth as a Decepticon acting under Megatron’s orders. He eventually switched sides and became an Autobot. Jetfire is showing his advanced age and he can’t do much in terms of combat. On top of that, he still saves a newly resurrected Optimus from Megatron. He is mortally wounded and he sacrifices his parts to Optimus, making him stronger than ever. It’s one of many heroic moments that involve sacrifice for the greater good.

8. Save Optimus – Age Of Extinction

Optimus delivers the final blow to Lockdown

Optimus Prime is arguably the most selfless character of all Transformers movies. More than once, he rushes into battle as he orders the others to flee to safety. This moment is no exception. Optimus decides to face the bounty hunter Lockdown one-on-one. He dismisses the human Cade and his loyal friend Bumblebee, telling them to save themselves. Optimus fights well but is impaled by his own sword, pinning him against a wall. When all hope seems lost, Cade and Bumblee rush to the aid of the Autobot leader. Lockdown is no match for all three, and Optimus is able to deliver the knockout blow. Lockdown was a powerful Transformer, and Cade and Bumblebee wasted no time in risking their lives to save Optimus from him.

7. Optimus Fights Megatron & Sentinal – Dark Of The Moon

Optimus killing Megatron is one of the most heroic moments in any Transformers movie

Prime was never one to give up easily. Even when facing two of the strongest opponents at the same time, he perseveres. Sentinal Prime, Optimus’ former mentor, betrayed the Autobots and allied himself with the Decepticons. In a brutal battle, Sentinal gains the upper hand when he rips off Optimus’ arm. Prime is only saved when Megatron attacks Sentinal, wanting to reclaim his place as Decepticon leader. It’s every man for himself, and Optimus has had enough. Optimus is able to find his inner strength and kill both Megatron and Sentinal, all with one arm. Optimus often chooses peace over violence, but that doesn’t mean he can’t. This scene proves it and more than earned the title of one of the most heroic moments.

6. Sam Rushes To Chicago – Dark Of The Moon

Sam in the middle of Chicago

Sentinal and Decepticons convince the humans to send the Autobots off-world, and they oblige. When the ship containing the Autobots appears to be destroyed, the Decepticons take over Chicago with little or no opposition. They plan to merge the remains of Cybertron and Earth and have taken Sam’s girlfriend hostage. As far as Sam knows, the Autobots are dead. On top of that, he still leads a group of humans into the heart of the city. He wants to save Carly and try again to save Earth. Sam doesn’t know it, the Autobots faked their death and rushed to his aid. Even if he didn’t have to do it on his own, the fact that he was willing to take on the entire Decepticon army without the Autobots says a lot about his character.

5. Optimus awakens the Dinobots – Age of Extinction

Optimus charging into battle in one of the most heroic moments in the Transformers movies

Galvatron and the new Decepticon army are a lot for the Autobots to deal with. They don’t have the help of the army as usual and they are suffering. As a last resort, Optimus has a trick up his sleeve. He boards Lockdown’s ship and resurrects the ancient Dinobots. The Dinobots are more or less in things for themselves, so Optimus has to prove himself to them. When using his words doesn’t work, he engages in battle with Grimlock, the Dinobot leader. He wins the fight and threatens the others to help him or else they will have to face his wrath. They oblige, of course. The introduction of Dinobots into the Transformers the movies had been expected since 2007, and it was worth the wait.

4. Agent Simmons Risks His Life – Revenge Of The Fallen

Simmons in Revenge of the Fallen

Agent Simmons was introduced in the first film as a member of Sector 7. He is introduced as a pompous man who is in it for himself. By the time the sequel arrived, things changed. Sector 7 has been disbanded and he works in a delicatessen. When Sam asks for his help, he joins the fight against the Decepticons. Simmons works with the Autobots in this film, and he proves himself by risking his life. Simmons comes face to face with Devastator and survives. Instead of running the other way, he decides to do what he can to eliminate her. He follows him into a pyramid and targets a missile strike at his location. Not only could Devastator take him out at any time, but missiles too. Simmons was willing to sacrifice himself, making it one of the most heroic moments.

3. Sam fights Starscream – The Dark of the Moon

Starscream's death was a heroic moment

When Sam learns the Autobots are still alive, he could have saved his girlfriend and let the bots do their job. Instead, he stays and fights alongside them. He even has a one-on-one with Starscream, makes sure Carly is safe, and takes on the Decepticon alone. Starscream is arrogant and arrogant, and Sam uses this to his advantage. In addition to using the weapon given to him by Que, Same manages to gouge out Starscream’s eye, giving him an advantage. Sam wastes no time and finally manages to kill him. It’s one thing when robots kill each other, but when a human does it alone, it’s quite a sight.

2. Boarding the Lockdown Ship – Age Of Extinction

Lockdown's ship in the fourth of the Transformers movies

Before one of the most heroic moments, Lockdown takes Optimus and Tess aboard his ship and leaves orbit. The Autobots, along with Cade and Shane, board the bounty hunter’s ship to save their friends. They don’t know what to expect and know how dangerous the lockdown is. They always jump on ship with the simple mission of rescuing their friends. It doesn’t take Lockdown long to learn of the Intruders, and they are now fighting to survive. This moment shows exactly how far the Autobots will go to save others and is the heart of all Transformers movies.

1. Sam Resurrects Optimus – Revenge Of The Fallen

The Matrix after reforming

As is typical with most Transformers movies, Optimus Prime dies in battle. Although he is usually revived, it takes time. Here it happens in the same movie, and Sam will do anything to make it happen. Sam and his group travel to Egypt in search of the Matrix of Leadership. Not only do they have to keep him away from the Decepticons, but it could also resurrect Prime. When they find it, it turns to dust. As the others lose hope, Sam is determined to save Optimus, even if it means his own life. His bravery impresses the Guardians of the Matrix, and they give him the true key. Sam is one of the bravest human characters ever. Transformersand it’s only fitting that he’s responsible for several heroic moments.