• Tue. Sep 20th, 2022

10 Transformers Comic Moments That Are Super Weird

Sure, Transformers and comics are great, and when the two come together, they’re even more meaningful. But the wonderful comic stories of Transformers also had some weird and gross scenes. Here are 10 moments from the Transformers comics that are super weird:

  1. Transformers: Kiss Players – Galvatron crashes into Tokyo, wiping out the city. Additionally, Galvatron’s cells scatter through the atmosphere, and anyone who comes into contact with them transforms into Legion. To fight with the Legion, the government created battle squads that merged with other entities containing Galvatron cells by embracing them.Transformers: fuck the players

  2. Transformers: The Price of Life! – After an interdimensional collapse, Megatron and Ratchet merge. Due to this bloody and unprecedented fusion, Optimus Prime cannot kill Megatron without killing Ratchet. So he asks Doctor Fixit for a solution. Fixit says he can save Ratchet, but he can’t do it without saving Megatron. Due to this dilemma, Optimus Prime allows Fixit to retain both, sparing Megatron’s life.Transformers: The Price of Life!

  3. The Transformers: Spotlight #7 – Kup’s spaceship crashes into a planet covered in mysterious yellow crystals. These crystals emit radiation that damages Kup’s mind, causing him to think his rescuers are “ghosts”. Unfortunately, these rescuers cannot save Kup because he is fighting with them, nor can they use weapons for this task because any discharge of energy will cause the crystals to explode in a chain reaction.Transformers: Spotlight #7

  4. Transformers #24 – Ethan Zachary works as a programmer for Hydrothermocline, a device that creates energy from ocean temperature differentials. Optimus Prime and Megatron are about to fight for Hydrothermocline when Zachary suggests that they can fight in his computer game called “Multi-World” instead of fighting in real life. Zachary then connects Optimus Prime and Megatron inside the game. Optimus Prime wins the fight, but he feels he has violated the Autobots’ code, so he asks Zachary to kill him. Zacharias does.Transformers #24

  5. The Transformers #78 – Megatron meets his future self Galvatron who has come to recruit him to rule the world. However, this meeting does not go well and they begin to fight.

    Transformers #78

  6. Transformers #3 – The Decepticons have kidnapped Autobot Sparkplug Witwicky. Optimus Prime sends other Autobots to free Sparkplug, and the battle ensues. Somehow, Spider-Man gets there and unleashes his webs on the Decepticon army fighting alongside the Autobots.Transformers #3

  7. Transformers #5 – After Shockwave flexes and kills all of the Autobots, the Decepticons win. But to further insult the Autobots, they kept Optimus Prime’s severed head alive. Somehow, Buster Witwicky sneaked in and Prime transferred Creation Matrix into his brain. Now Buster can repair and restore fallen machines, which helped the Autobots get back on their feet.Transformers #5

  8. Transformers #6 – Inventor Josie Bellar is injured in a Deception attack. But, she reinvents herself as a Breaker intent on killing robots. His damaged nerves are replaced with wires and circuits, allowing him to fry circuits using electrical blasts. How cool is that? She can fry robots with this ability.

    Transformers #6

  9. Transformers #26 – In this hilarious story, a car thief named Mechanic enters the Ark and steals his gear. Optimus Prime is gone, the Autobots need to appoint a new leader, but they are now after the mechanic because he somehow hijacked the Ark.Transformers #26

  10. Transformers #23 – Yeah, the Decepticons are showing off their art now by doing some graffiti on the Statue of Liberty. RAAT or Rapid Action Anti-Robot Team sued the Decepticons to charge them with vandalism, but guess what, they failed. Then, Circuit Breaker gets inside a giant robot made up of captured Autobots and blasts the Decepticons into the New York Habor.Transformers #23