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7 best transformer games you must play

What started out as a toy line quickly exploded into a mega-franchise. Transformers have been around since the 1980s and have grown from a humble little toy line to comics, cartoons, and even a blockbuster movie franchise. Fans can’t get enough of this IP where we got to watch the Autobots take on the Decepticons. Over the years there have been a few notable video games released for this IP and like other IPs there have been a few hits as well as a ton of failures. We recently covered the best Godzilla games and noted that there are a ton of substandard games out there, which is also the case here. Instead of focusing on games that might not have been as well received or just as fun to play, we instead choose the best of the best here. In this list, we highlight some of the Transformer games that you should check out if you haven’t already.

# 7 Transformers Forged To Fight

If you have an Android or iOS smartphone, you can download Transformers: Forged to Fight for free right now. It is a fighting game where you travel a linear map, collect resources but you mainly face with an opposing character. Battles are all fought with swipes and tapping across your screen, which will allow your character to attack melee, bring out gun power, or transform into a vehicle. What you might find interesting is that the characters and locations from the various Transformer shows or movies are present. So you will get a nice diverse set of characters to control or fight.

# 6 Transformers Prime: the game

Transformers Prime: The Game was a title released in 2012 and it launched on Everything Under the Sun for Nintendo. We had releases for the Nintendo Wii, Wii U, DS, and 3DS, but that’s it. If you were on other platforms, you are just out of luck. It’s a brawler action game and it’s a pretty decent game at that. Players follow a story based on the Autobots trying to stop the Decepticons from awakening an old Transformer called Thunderwing. Here players are projected into different levels which will feature a specific Autobot and it is a mix between racing or brawl combat. You will find that the game has a good set of diverse levels, but you might find the game a bit repetitive at times. Having said that, this game is based on the Transformers: Prime animated series which started in 2010 and lasted until 2013, but you can still dive into this game without having any knowledge of the Transformers: Prime series.

# 5 Animated Transformers: The Game

The Nintendo DS also found a Transformers game on its platform with Transformers Animated: The Game. This is a single player action title based on the Transformers: Animated series which was released in 2007 and ran for around 2009. It is more of a new-age-style Transformers series than the fans love it or hate it. It was quite different from the previous series, but again it was developed with a new, young audience in mind. Here, players walk through a section of the animated series based on a set of episodes dealing with rogue factory robots. Players here control three characters, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Bulkhead as they complete a series of side-scrolling platform levels. With each character present, players will have to constantly switch between the three to use their different abilities needed to reach the exit point. It’s a well-received game and kid-friendly enough to move units around on the Nintendo DS, but for fans of the old-school Transform game, it might not be as appealing. That said, it’s a great side-scrolling platformer that has brought the iconic Transformers IP to new, young fans.

# 4 Transformers [2004]

In 2004, we had a Transformers title that was released exclusively on PlayStation 2. This game was based on the then animated series, Transformers: Armada, which ran for about a year. That said, you don’t really have to watch the series to get this game as it’s a storyline you’d expect from Transformers and it’s a bit different from the series mentioned. Here we have another civil war between Autobots and Decepticons where you will control different Autobots during various missions. It’s a third person shooter where you’ll strafe like those Autobots and try to demolish the Deceptions. While you can transform, most of the game is mostly third-person shooters. In fact, the game has several Mini-Cons that you can find and equip that offer more weapons or upgrades. Up to four of these Mini-Cons can be equipped so that you have the flexibility to polish your characters throughout the game. Since this game was released in 2004, it is showing a bit of its age and it was only available on PlayStation 2. Nonetheless, if you’re a Transformers fan and haven’t played this game yet, this is often one of the most recommended titles you’ll see popping up from fans.

# 3 Transformers: Devastation

Transformers: Devastation is a solid game, especially if you like the old-school Transformers cartoon series. The cel-shaded view is like the game that hits that sort of lively ’80s style, as well as the catchy heavy metal music playing in the background might give some nostalgia a bit of nostalgia. It is also a title developed by PlatinumGames and you can immediately tell from its high speed action packed gameplay. It’s very hack and slash with players playing the role of different fast moving Autobots fighting enemies through gun melee or even transforming into a vehicle to deliver crazier hits. If you’re not familiar with PlatinumGames, these are the folks behind Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Nier: Automata, and Astral Chain to name a few of their games. In this game, we follow the Autobots who must save the Earth from a new Decepticon plan of turning the planet into a new Cybertron. Sadly, there is a bit of bad news here and that is the fact that this game was pulled from digital storefronts after the licensing agreement between Activision and Hasbro ended. The upside is that Transformers: Devastation isn’t a rare or expensive game yet. You can usually find this game between $ 15 and $ 30 online for a physical copy.

# 2 Transformers: War for Cybertron

Development studio High Moon Studios was able to release a Transformer title that hit the steps fans were hoping for with Transformers: War for Cybertron. It takes place long before the events of the original cartoon series and is considered canon. This means that fans have had a bit of perspective on various beloved characters and events that help fill in some of the narrative gaps. In this game, we follow the confrontation between the Autobots and the Decepticons during a civil war on their home planet of Cybertron. It’s an action-packed third-person shooter that throws players into the role of Autobots and Deceptions. By playing the role of these iconic characters, you will be able to use their different transformations and abilities during combat. While fans enjoyed the multiplayer aspect of this game, its servers have since been shut down. However, that is not the full storyline for this gameplay narrative and there is a follow-up title. Fortunately, the follow-up title is just as good if not better than Transformers: War for Cybertron. This is of course Transformers: Fall of Cybertron which we will dive into next.

# 1 Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

With the release of Transformers: War for Cybertron, we have the sequel Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. We know that the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons did not go well. The planet they were fighting for, Cybertron, became unstable for their lives and let the Autobots flee. Of course, the Decepticons don’t like players taking off and doing their best to make sure the Autobots line up or get destroyed. It’s still a third-person shooter filled with different Autobots that players will play as. Likewise, you can expect certain moments in the game to exhibit the different attributes that these great mechanical protagonists will be able to use in the heat of the moment. This is the last big fight on Cybertron where the goal is for the Autobots to flee the galaxy and find a new refuge in the Milky Way. Fans have found this game amazing from the storyline and action packed moments, the developers behind this High Moon Studios game have delivered a solid product. Unfortunately, the multiplayer component here is no longer active, as the servers were shut down in 2020. Likewise, while this game originally launched in 2012, it has found its way onto the PlayStation 4 and Xbox. One in 2016 so you can still get a copy of this game for more modern platforms today.

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