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IDW Transformers Comics Solicitations for February 2022

It’s not just the recent announcement the end of the war title which will be available in February from IDW Publishing, as another month brings another round of solicitations for the Transformers and Beast wars titles too. The fifth hardcover collection in the 2019 relaunch series is also in demand here, but be aware that this is a prior solicitation for a May 2022 release for this particular book.

Note also that curiously, no cover for any of these titles was available except for the previous post the end of the war cover images. It may be a quirk of the short turnaround time since the last round of solicitations, or maybe Seibertron.com isn’t the only news outlet that’s totally in the dark right now when it comes to access IDW media assets.

Either way, check out all of the solicitation information below, and to support any of these series, ask your local comic book store how to order copies of all of these issues ahead of time. Click here to find a comic book store near you.

Transformers: Beast Wars # 13
(F) Erik Burnham (A) Josh Burcham (CA) VenBlu
The beast war rages on! After the Maximals assault on the Predacon base, both sides are looking for victory. When a treasure of energy is revealed, the race is on! It’s a good thing the Maximals have Cheetor by their side, isn’t it?

Transformers # 40
(F) Brian Ruckley (A) Anna Malkova (CA) Angel Hernandez
Bursts! The Autobots have retreated to Crystal City and the Decepticons are upon their doors! But with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee finally reunited, will this be the Autobots’ last fight or their greatest hour ?! Also, don’t miss the epic flip side in Transformers: War’s End this month!

Transformers: End of the War # 1
(F) Brian Ruckley (A) Jack Lawrence (CA) Angel Hernandez
The Three-fold Spark is back and nowhere on Cybertron is safe! Exarchon, who single-handedly unleashed Cybertron’s last war, walks among the living once again. Reunited with his former generals, Shockwave and Skywarp, he once again seeks to conquer Cybertron! But there may be hope … if Cyclonus can convince Megatron to work with the Autobots! The essential companion of the Transformers in progress!

Transformers News: IDW Transformers Comics Solicitations for February 2022

Transformers Volume 5: Horrors Near and Far
(F) Brian Ruckley (A) Anna Malkova, Bethany McGuire-Smith, Jack Lawrence (CA) Cryssy Cheung
The bold new vision of the Transformers universe continues! The war that will define Cybertron sees Autobots and Decepticons facing challenges like never before.
The war turns desperate for the Autobots of Optimus Prime. With Energon and low morale, they grasp a dangerous plan to increase Jumpstream’s teleportation abilities. Meanwhile, Bumblebee makes a criminal alliance, and Megatron learns that his former mentor holds an artifact that could be the key to the Decepticons’ victory.
Then, when a criminal group known as the Mayhem threatens the Speedia 500, the universe’s greatest race, the Wreckers, a covert ops team, show up to keep the peace. But can they keep their blankets in front of the cameras?
Then, the fall of the tether that anchored Cybertron’s moon was a critical step on the path to war, and the ancient Titan Vigilem brought it about. Now the only other active Titan, Lodestar, and his townsman, Lightbright, must hunt him down! And finally, when Starscream follows rumors of a disembodied spark in the desert, what he finds will horrify and shake him to his heart!
Collect Transformers # 31-36, Transformers: Wreckers: Tread and Circuits # 1-4, Transformers 2021 Annual and 2021 Transformers Halloween Special.

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It’s great to know that the Beast Wars comic continues beyond the original 12 planned issues! I would love to see the series be an ongoing regular