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IDW’s Transformers Comics writers on their ongoing G1 epic

ByJohn Y. White

Aug 22, 2016

Robert: Me too. Who do we appeal to? Nautica, Rung, Pharma, Riptide … there are a lot of More than the eye can discern-only characters that I would like to see immortalized in plastic. Maybe one day.

It looks like Transformers artists have to put in five times the work of any other artist in just drawing the characters, and yours is full of emotions too. John, what impresses you most about Andrew Griffith’s work?

Hairdresser: I totally agree with you: Transformers are incredibly difficult to draw, and these books are kind of a punishment for artists. So many characters, so much action and so many little characters too. Andrew can do it all. I am really lucky to be able to work with him and to know him.

What about James, with Alex Milne?

Robert: Where to start? On the one hand, his sense of mechanical engineering is impeccable. The character design is so thoughtful – you can look at anyone on the page and see how they would turn out in real life. He’s also exceptionally good at body language – he continues to find new ways to get the crew to move. And half of the main cast doesn’t have a face, for god’s sake – they have visors and faceplates, or, in Whirl’s case, only one yellow eye. However, time and time again, Alex manages to extract the slightest drop of emotion from them.

I am really very lucky. In addition to Alex, Brendan Cahill, Atilio Rojo and Hayato Sakamoto regularly produce the most incredible visuals. And while Nick Roche only drew a few numbers, he designed a lot of the main characters. More than the eye can discern has also benefited immensely from two of the best colorists in the business, Josh Burcham and, most recently, Joana Lafuente.

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