• Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

Launch of the free Zelda and Transformers games site

Play Transformers Games on TransformersOnlineGames.net

What happens when you take one of Nintendo’s most revered game series and combine it with a hugely popular toy line that spawned a TV series, movies, and video games? The combination of The Legend of Zelda and Transformers may be odd and unheard of for some, but one thing is for sure, waiting for the outcome will be exciting, and that’s exactly what the new Transformers games and Zelda games site has got. intention to find out. It goes without saying that the two franchises are poles apart; The Legend of Zelda tells the story of Link, an elf from Hyrule, while Transformers revolves around a band of alien robots from the planet Cybertron.

Zelda and Transformers, however, boast good storytelling and fortune telling, which can be found in all solid video games. The new Transformers and Zelda games site features a roster of games on Link as well as Optimus Prime and the company, allowing fans and internet users bored with flash-enabled browsers to dive into the worlds of both franchises. Each game on the new site is different, ensuring that each player’s preference is met. Whether it’s a puzzle, trivia, or adventure style game, there is enough variety for different playing tastes.

The Legend of Zelda, considered one of Nintendo’s greatest franchises, is without a doubt one of its strongest video games. With a new version slated for release in 2011, the series is receiving a lot of renewed attention, and avid Link fans are on the edge of their seats in anticipation.

Optimus Prime and the rest of the Transformers, on the other hand, have been in the spotlight in recent years thanks to the release of the two Transformers films. Add in a new animated series, Megan Fox, and a bunch of new video games, and you’ve got a franchise that’s more dynamic than ever.


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