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Michael Bay Reveals He’s ‘Done Too Many’ Transformers Movies and Spielberg Told Him to ‘Stop at Three’

ByJohn Y. White

Apr 4, 2022

Currently basking in the aftermath of some of the best critical reactions to any of his films in a long time for Ambulance (read our review here), Michael Bay reflected on his five films Transformers legacy, admitting that “they were fun to do” but that he “overdid it”.

He of the hyperactive editing and fireworks budget of a small country’s GDP, Bay would talk to Unilad about everything from the success of the first film to franchise producer Steven Spielberg advising him to “stop at three.”

Released in 2007, Transformers was the perfect blend of Bayhem and Spielberg style heartthrob, which launched the franchise with over $700 million at the worldwide box office. Bay said of the experience: “The first one was scary. It was a technology that we didn’t know would work, and then it became very successful. It was the first time digital effects were so highly reflective, so it opened up a lot of new horizons.

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Unfortunately, despite posting Autobot-sized numbers for the sequels that followed – Revenge of the Damned ($836 million), dark of the moon ($1.12 billion), The age of extinction ($1.1 billion), the last knight ($605 million) – the quality of the films has fallen off a cliff, and Bay acknowledges that while he loved making them, he should have called it a day sooner. He said, “I overdid it. Steven Spielberg said, “Stop at three”. And I said I would stop. The studio begged me to do a fourth, and it made a billion too. And then I said I’m going to stop there. And they begged me again. I should have stopped. They were fun to do.

Even though Bay has now stopped playing with Hasbro toys in order to fly a drone after Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Transformers continued to unfold, with 2018 really pretty great Bumblebeeand the new 2023 trilogy launcher Transformers: Rise of the Beasts in post-production.

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