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the Transformers the films are loved, above all else, thanks to their action-packed battles between Autobots and Decepticons. Each film lets you feel the immense weight of these titanic walking robots and the destructive power they are able to unleash on the world and its inhabitants.

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However, the Autobots and Decepticons have a few members in their ranks who have managed to win more battles than they have lost. Some of them have appeared in all movies thanks to their stamina and fighting abilities.



Bumblebee is the heart of the entire franchise, so much so that he’s the only Autobot to have a movie that specifically focuses on his exploits. To make it through six whole movies where a dozen of your comrades died from Decepticon attacks, you have to be one of the best Autobots.

Bumblebee is incredibly well-armed despite being one of the “secret” Autobots, wielding a plasma cannon that disables Brawl, Nitro Zeus, and Mohawk, battles tanker-like Decepticons in close combat such as Blitzwing and Rampage. Although his small size (for a Transformer) affects his chances against bigger threats, he’s still one of the few Autobots to make it through every film.

Shock wave

shockwave pose

Shockwave’s reputation is clear by the time it’s featured. His reputation is so well known that even Optimus notes his presence as a very bad sign. Although his weapons are intimidating, his real strength lies in his experiments, the most powerful of which was the Driller.

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The Driller single-handedly knocks down entire buildings by simply moving through them, and it takes a modified Optimus to put it down. Angered, Shockwave manages to take out Optimus and defends himself incredibly well throughout the fight, although he is ultimately defeated.

iron leather

Ironhide Guns Akimbo

Ironhide is the Autobots’ resident weapons specialist, and he’s more than happy to prove why he is to anyone who asks. His arsenal of heavy weaponry has turned the tide in many battles for the Autobots, and facing him head-on is not recommended for anyone wishing to go bullet-free.

His strength and firepower carried Ironhide through the first 3 films of the franchise, and the only way he was defeated was because of a surprise attack by someone he called his friend, Sentinel Prime. . Sentinel Prime was wise to do this as Ironhide would have been more of a challenge otherwise.


Devastating in the movie Transformers

A massive combiner made up of five absurdly angry Decepticons. Every move is pure agony for that creature, and it turns that agony into rage towards all other living things nearby. Few Transformers could ever hope to match the destruction Devastator brings to the battlefield.

Its only downside is that its size makes it slow and easy to maneuver, and dodging is impossible. Still, it took an experimental railgun to destroy the behem0th, but not without huge costs to the hero and those poor pyramids.


Optimus riding Grimlock

The age of extinction finally introduces the fan-favorite King of the Dinobots, a legendary warrior feared by all Cybertronians who know his name. Grimlock was found inside Lockdown’s cells, but after shaking off the “rust” so to speak, he immediately challenges Optimus.

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Although Optimus surpasses Grimlock, Grimlock quickly proves why he is a legendary warrior by decimating the Decepticon forces that had caused the Autobot team so much trouble. His size, strength, and durability mean he’s capable of widespread destruction, and it takes a lot to bring him down.


Megatron in Transformers: The Last Knight

Megatron is many things, but if it had to be described in one word, it would be inevitable. Despite losing most of his fights against Optimus, Megatron still roars back for another fight. His ruthlessness is second to none, and he’s no exception to dishonoring tactics to stay one step ahead of his foes.

Megatron was able to overpower loud murderers such as Jazz and Hound with relative ease, and none of the Autobots aside from Optimus himself ever posed a real threat to him. Each form he takes is more powerful than the last, and his next appearance will surely continue the trend.

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is the most iconic of all Transformers, and in every movie he proves exactly why. His martial skills are nearly unmatched except by the strongest foes or overwhelming numbers. However, he is by no means the greatest fighter. The likes of Sentinel Prime, a legendary hero, and Lockdown, an infamous bounty hunter, have beaten him twice each.

However, Optimus’ most important asset is his allies. His charisma and compassion (for those who are worthy of it) mean that whenever he is close to death, someone is willing to risk their necks to save his life. To his credit, Optimus always takes that chance to deliver the big bad guy’s finishing blow every time.

Sentinel Prime

Prime Sentinel Pose

Sentinel Prime was the surprise villain of dark of the moon, and he manages to defeat two of the strongest Autobots in a short amount of time. His slaying of Ironhide and the defeat of Optimus Prime establishes what a huge threat Sentinel Prime is. He even defeats Optimus twice, and both times through his fighting ability alone.

The only reason Sentinel Prime loses in the end is because of Megatron’s right of betrayal as Sentinel was about to deliver the killing blow to Optimus. Sentinel Prime was one of the most dangerous global threats in the entire franchise, as its plan to destroy the world came close to all the other plans.


containment march

Of all the villains in the series, Lockdown is one of the few who can claim to have defeated Optimus Prime cleanly. No gang of Decepticons to help him take Optimus down. No shock from a former mentor backfiring on you and affecting Optimus’ mental game. Lockdown is just so good for fighting.

Lockdown defeated Optimus Prime with relative ease twice, a feat most other villains can’t even claim besides Sentinel Prime. His massive arsenal of weaponry, along with his cold, methodical approach to combat, make him the most dangerous lone Cybertronian to roam the starts. It’s no wonder it took Bumblebee, three humans to distract him, and a surprise attack from Optimus to finally take him down.


Quintessa Stare

Quintessa is much, much higher than the rest of the other Cybertronians fans have seen in the franchise thus far. She describes herself as the “Prime of Life”, the creator of the Cybertronians. His vast powers, far beyond any other Cybertronian antagonists fans have seen, seem to back up his claims. Being able to restrain Optimus with little effort and then brainwash him is no small feat, after all.

However, she is also known as the Great Deceiver, and despite her vast powers, her true talents lie in manipulation. Of course, she’s still leagues above most Cybertronians in direct combat, and it’s debatable whether Bumblebee’s explosion did any real damage, or if it was just another one of his plans. , as she is alive and well at the end of the film. Only time will tell the extent of his powers.

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