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Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is one of several films in development for the franchise. Here are all the upcoming Transformers movies at Paramount.

Paramount has big plans for the future of Hasbro’s popular toy line, as the studio is developing several Transformers films that will be released in the next few years. Michael Bay helped launch the Transformers franchise in 2007 with Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox in the lead human roles. Although Fox left after only two films, LaBeouf’s Sam Witwicky remained the focus of the first trilogy. Under this era of Transformers movies, the series reached a peak of popularity, as Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon grossed over $1.1 billion at the worldwide box office. As a result, the franchise has become an important part of Paramount’s plans, explaining its continued investment in the franchise.


the Transformers movies entered a new era with Transformers: Age of Extinction, as Mark Wahlberg became the face of the franchise. He returned to star in the fifth film, Transformers: The Last Knight, which turned out to be the end of Michael Bay’s time with the franchise. The two Wahlberg-directed films weren’t as popular at the box office, and critical reviews of Bay’s CGI blockbusters also grew harsher. Paramount was well positioned for change, as 2018 saw Bumblebee hitting theaters with Hailee Steinfeld in the lead. The film was a moderate financial success but received strong critical reviews. This left the studio thinking about what to do next with the Transformers IP, as sequels, prequels and spin-offs to Michael Bay films were considered at the same time as plans emerged for the Bumblebee universe to grow. Meanwhile, a full reboot of the franchise was also on the table.

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After taking a few years to develop various ideas, Paramount seems to have understood what the future of the Transformers movie franchise will look like. It includes an all-new trilogy of films that expand the mythology beyond the Autobots and Decepticons. There are also plans for Transformers films to return to animation for the first time since 1986 transformers: the movie. All in all, there are several to come Transformers movies that audiences will see in the next few years.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

Transformers 7 Rise of the Beasts Optimus Prime Optimus Primal SR

The first to come Transformers the film on Paramount’s slate is the franchise’s seventh live-action film, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. The film has been in development for a few years after Joby Harold was hired to write the screenplay. Paramount eventually hired Steven Caple Jr. (Creed II) to direct the film and revealed that it would introduce characters from the Beast Wars iteration of the series. The film will still feature recognizable Transformers like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee alongside other Autobot and Decepticon characters, but so will new additions like the leader of the Maximals, Optimus Primal, and members of the Predacons and Terrorcons.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is fixed between Bumblebee and Michael Bay Transformers in the timeline, as the film tells a story set in 1994. The film stars Anthony Ramos (In the heights) as a former military electronics expert from Brooklyn named Noah. Dominique Fishback (Judas and the Black Messiah) plays opposite him the role of Elena, a researcher of artifacts for a museum. Together, they find themselves embarked on a global adventure involving the Transformers. It’s here that Transformers 7it’s Beast Wars influence comes into play, as animal-themed beings will emerge throughout the return of an old conflict. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts hits theaters in June 2023 after Paramount delayed it from the original June 2022 release date.

Transformers 8

Optimus Prime in Transformers

Paramount has already confirmed that Transformers 8 is in preparation as part of a new trilogy which Transformers: Rise of the Beasts start. Details on the eighth movie are incredibly scarce at this time. It is unconfirmed if Steven Caple Jr. will return to direct the film or if the characters of Ramos and Fishback will return. However, both of these options seem likely given early confirmation from the studio that Transformers 8 has passed. Plot details have yet to be revealed, though fans should expect them to continue to build on the story established in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. This could include further exploration of the Beast Wars mythology and provide more details about the history of the Maximals which The Rising of the Beasts maybe no time to explore. Transformers 8 doesn’t have a release date yet, but the early announcement could mean it’s set to release by 2025 or 2026.

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Transformers 9

Predacons in the Beast Wars Transformers animated series

In addition to Paramount’s plans for an eighth film, Transformers 9 is also in development to conclude the new trilogy Transformers: Rise of the Beasts start. Like its immediate predecessor, there are no further details on what Transformers 9 is about or who will be involved. It is to be expected that the film will continue to explore the Beast Wars universe somehow. This could include a revelation that Unicron is involved in this ancient conflict. Of course, the franchise could also reinvent the franchise’s past to bring the Dinobots back into the equation and have them interact with the animal-themed Transformers. Paramount has not announced any Transformers 9 release date, but it probably won’t arrive until 2028 or 2029 unless it’s filmed back to back with Transformers 8.

Transformers animated movie

The 1986 Transformers animated film

Not to be confused with the 1986s transformers: the movieParamount also has an animated film Transformers movie in development. The film is directed by toy story 4by Josh Cooley and has been in development for several years. The untitled Transformers The animated film previously revolved around the origin of Cybertron. Plot details are unconfirmed, however, a new story may have been developed. Paramount has confirmed that the animated mystery Transformers The film will be released in theaters on June 19, 2024.

Bumblebee 2

Bumblebee movie reviews

Paramount was also at one time developing Bumblebee 2. The 2018 film’s sequel was reportedly in the works shortly after its release and positive reception. No writer was ever revealed for the project, although it was believed that Joby Harold Transformers the screenplay was Bumblebee continued. It turned out to be Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, which makes it unclear whether a proper follow-up is still in the cards. A Proper Sequel Starring Hailee Steinfeld’s Charlie Seems Unlikely After Bumblebee‘Sending in progress. Still, maybe the studio will find a creative way to reunite her with Bumblebee for another adventure. That much, Bumblebee 2 may never see the light of day, but it’s at least a few years away based on its current status.

Will Michael Bay’s Transformers: The Last Knight Sequel Happen?

Transformers The Last Knight with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee

There is also a lingering question about the possibility of Transformers: The Last Knight get a sequel. Michael Bay and Paramount intended to make the sixth and seventh installments of the franchise to build on the events of the film. It was shortly after Transformers: The Last Knight‘s version that plans have changed. The result was the Bay era of movies taking a back seat. However, Paramount may revisit the idea of ​​continuing the Transformers franchise these days at a later time, even if that means moving forward without Michael Bay’s involvement.

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