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Transformer games: the best, the worst and the strangest

Transformers: the game was based on the live-action movie, which is the first and worst mistake modern technology can make. And that makes it perfect.

The game had great graphics, but suffered from a disorienting camera, unnecessary repetitions, and significantly less exciting combat than a good (and about as difficult) back massage. He couldn’t have portrayed the film more faithfully if it was directing Shia LaBeouf. Because he made with Shia LaBeouf. And it still found a way to be even worse, because if you can think of anything more unnecessary than providing Megan Fox’s real voice for a shoddy simulated body, Activision will apparently hire you as a designer.

They also missed the transformation point, with sections of vehicles that looked more like novocaine drunk driving. It was every terrible movie license we ever played growing up, with millions of dollars and not spending a single dime to improve gameplay.

The Transformers: The Mystery of the Convoy

1986 | ISCO | NDA

Transformers: The Mystery of the Convoy was not just a loss of name Transformers. With a Japanese launch title of “Fight! Super Robot Life-Form Transformers: Mystery of Convoy ”is perhaps the biggest waste of a game title in recorded history. It should be the name of a game that will win the Nobel Prize for Video Games.

They missed the point so badly that they misspelled the name of the game as “Comvoy”. Never has a letter said so much, “We can’t even bother to correct the errors on the label, so imagine what the code looks like.” Most bosses are just floating Decepticon symbols. Don’t steal. They don’t move. They’re floating right there, saying, “See, some of your stupid Transformer stuff.”

It’s quite a game programmed by annoyed parents who pretend to care what their kids like. Playing this game was such a terrible mistake that even the game tried to stop you from doing it. You died suddenly, you could die within the first ten seconds of a diving enemy, and if you made it to the last level, the game accepted your pledge to waste your time needlessly by plunging you into an endless looping maze. .

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