• Tue. Sep 20th, 2022

the Transformers the franchise has become much easier to watch for those interested. Starting in February, the second and third movies in the series were added to the Netflix catalog. That means between HBO Max, Netflix, and Paramount+, you can watch all five reviled sci-fi adaptations of Michael Bay for subscription prices.

Transformers (2007) airs on HBO Max, and now the sequel Revenge of the Damned and the third installment dark of the moon are both on Netflix. In the age of the MCU and other massive adaptation franchises, it’s easy to forget the bizarre confluence of mistakes it took to make these Transformers movies. They’re looked down upon by fans of the original cartoon and newcomers to the series, but revisiting them is an interesting insight into pop culture history.

Die-hard fans didn’t like Bay’s point of view Transformers from the start for its many deviations from the source material – a cartoon created to promote a line of toys sold by Hasbro. Where the cartoon, its spinoffs, and subsequent comics were often whimsical, Bay’s films focused heavily on the earthly military significance of the Autobots and Decepticons.

Still, with the sci-fi adaptation market not being as saturated in the early 2000s, fans gave these films plenty of chances and some came to profit by delving deeper into the lore. The first movie introduced the main characters and established a world where humans knew Transformers, and Revenge of the Damned resumes in this world with the Autobots given their options.

The film takes quite a few creative liberties with an exposition that isn’t canonical in other Transformers media. That alone is worth it, whether out of morbid curiosity or genuine interest. It also includes the first live-action rendition of some fan-favorite characters like the Constructicons and Devastator.

dark of the moon takes these changes even further, and it adds the complication of even contradicting the movies’ continuity in some ways. As a bonus, it’s the first film without Megan Fox, who was fired after publicly criticizing Bay and being bluntly replaced with little explanation. That might be enough to grab the attention of a celebrity gossip fan who isn’t necessarily interested in the franchise, so if you’re trying to pitch this binge to a housemate or significant other, this might be the way to go.

What you don’t want to tell them is the critical reception these films have received. At the time of this writing, Transformers: Revenge has a 20% positive score on Rotten Tomatoes. dark of the moon is not far ahead with 35% positive ratings.

Again, the first film in the series, Transformers (2007) is streaming now on HBO Max and is available on most major digital stores for rental or purchase. You can now stream Revenge of the Damned and dark of the moon with a Netflix subscription, and you can finish with The age of extinction and the last knight on Paramount+.