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Who will publish “Transformers” comics in 2023?

ByJohn Y. White

Aug 22, 2022

Image via Comic Book Treasure

Since 1984, the Transformers have earned one of the biggest cult followings of the past four decades. From comic books and TV shows to blockbuster movies, the Transformers have jumped into the lives of those around the world.

Watching robots in disguise has been a treat for nearly 40 years, and they’ve been memorable to many readers in the comic world. However, it was recently reported that IDW, the company that has published the comics since the mid-2000s, has decided to drop the legendary storyline.

This recent development has fans wanting to know who will be posting the Transformers comics coming out in 2023.

Who will publish Transformers Comics in 2023?

Image via Comic Book Herald

As of now, no publisher has secured the rights to publish the comic book series in 2023, but that will change. The license for the legendary story will no doubt be reclaimed, as many publishers are lining up for the right. While the two biggest comic book publishers are Marvel and DC, the theory that some have suggested it would be best for the Transformers the series could actually be Boom! Studios.

Boom! Studios is already releasing the Power Rangers comic series, so they know how to tell the story of the heroes and have the resources to publish Transformers, because Marvel and DC are hyper-focused on superheroes right now. There are also many other suitors who could pick up Transformerslike Skybid who does the comics for The Walking Dead and Invincible. Even though these are more adult-centric stories, there are plenty of adults who grew up with it. Transformers who would still read comics.

What happened between Transformers and IDW?

Image via FandomWire

No official reasoning has been given as to why IDW is relinquishing the license for Transformers, however, it looks like IDW is currently having some financial issues they need to address, and it looks like part of that isn’t renewing one of their more expensive licenses. This is not the first major success that IDW has brought to its licensing rights, as the company has also lost its star wars license, another of the most expensive for comics.

It will be interesting to see who lands the license for one of the most sought-after franchises.